Group photo by Zoey Petrone Others by Doug Viner
is a diverse group of people singing an irresistible variety of American popular music. Students and community members from all walks of life, from professional musicians to first-timers, work side by side to study and perform the abundance of styles that make up the music of America. Now in its 18th year, the Coalition has proved to be much more than a choir. It is a family of music lovers who come together to share their hearts and blend their voices in joyous harmony.
Dr. Kirby Shaw is a master of stylistic diversity and a pioneer in choral music education. His numerous arrangements and compositions are sung around the world. He is a teacher and performer extraordinaire.
was a proposed U.S. state that would span contiguous, mostly rural areas of southern Oregon and northern California. As early as 1852 there were attempts to gain statehood. The most recent was in 1941, an effort that was abruptly ended by the attack on Pearl Harbor. But the Jefferson State spirit of independence and individuality lives on.
Please enjoy our humorous tribute to the Jefferson State Border Patrol of 1941.
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